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University design

University design


An adult wearing a blue shirt and blazer sits in front of a bookcase.

Toward a platform for universal learning

An article discussing the redesign of higher education optimizing scalable, personalized learning technologies can produce positive societal change.

A adult wearing a navy jacket and light blue shirt sits in front of a bookcase.

Dare to be different

An interview with Campus Review highlighting the use of technology to increase access to education.


Democratising higher education for the benefit of society

An op-ed urging the radical differentiation in new higher education models dedicated to access, technology and the changing needs of society.

A person with short hair in a plaid long-sleeve shirt wears a virtual reality headset and reaches a right hand forward to touch an object.

ASU GSV Summit 2022: Understanding climate experientially

A moderated conversation describing how game-changing virtual reality technology is educating new generations about climate change.

New American University: 2027 and Beyond

An updated brochure outlining the ASU charter, mission and goals.

An adult man in business attire sits in front of a wall of books.

If your job is to just run something at a city, look for a new job

A podcast interview on how developing a culture of innovation is critical to the future of smart cities and service.

An illustrated traditional brick building labeled "university" surrounded by trees and under a blue sky.

The way we classify colleges is all wrong

An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education on the need for a new system for categorizing institutions more accurately based on their characteristics. 

A middle-aged man in beige slacks and a blue jackets stands on a stage in front of a PowerPoint slide at the 2019 ASU GSV Summit.

Data-driven university classification

A video, presentation and paper examining the design of partnerships for social impact and transformation.

A middle-aged man stands on a stage in beige slacks and a blue blazer in front of a backdrop that reads "GSV Summit."

ASU+ GSV Summit 2021

A video of the keynote presentation titled, "Transforming higher education to create the future we want."

Transforming higher education to create the future we want

A presentation proposing the radical democratization of higher education.

A European-style road sign reading "University" against a backdrop of a partly cloudy sky

Improving intellectual infrastructure in American higher education

An op-ed with William Dabars highlighting the need for attention and investment in America's intellectual infrastructure.

Michael Crow stands in front of a valley map in the Fulton Center.

The ASU Enterprise difference

A brief overview of ASU's redesign and how it supports student and partner success.