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University design

University design


Does higher ed need to be more techy and less risk averse?

A podcast interview with the Higher Education Spotlight exploring the need for more innovation around learning and technology.

Crow on the outdated model of higher education

A video excerpt from a Washington Post Live interview about the Future of Work.

A person in a blue blazer leans on a wooden reception desk in the lobby of a building in downtown Los Angeles.

The New American University

An interview on leadership with LEADERS magazine.

Ever higher education

An interview moderated by Shelly C. Lowe, chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

A table full of ASU Next Generation Service Corps medals with black ribbons.

In support of public service-our colleges can hold the key

An op-ed with Tom Brokaw about the national need for public service education.

A title slide to the ASU Health PowerPoint presentation

ASU Health: Responding to Arizona's health care needs

Video of a presentation to the Arizona Board of Regents during a special meeting to announce the ASU Health initiative.

ASU Seal

ASU Inaugural Address - The New American University: A New Gold Standard

Video of ASU President Michael Crow's inaugural address.

A person in a white shirt and dark jacket stands against a dark gray backdrop.

A new ASU design aspiration: Principled Innovation

A video introducing ASU's first new design aspiration since 2002.

Evolving higher education at Arizona State University and beyond

An interview for the SALA Series podcast with Daren Cuff and Monica McNutt.

New American University

New American University: Toward 2028 and Beyond

A booklet summarizing ASU's charter, mission and goals that also introduces the university's ninth design aspiration, Principled Innovation.

The ASU logo in frosted glass on a clear glass window.

A letter from the president

A guest column by President Crow reflecting on his 20 years at ASU.

The New American University: The University-Think Tank Partnership

An interview on the origin, design and impact of ASU's partnership with New America.