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Global Engagement

Global engagement

Global engagement


ASU Strategic Enterprise Plan 2020

ASU Strategic Enterprise Plan 2020

ASU's annual operational and financial review as presented to the Arizona Board of Regents.

ASU Global Futures

Why we are launching the ASU Global Futures Laboratory

A blog by President Michael Crow and Vice President and Vice Provost Peter Schlosser describing ASU's new and unique habitable futures initiative.

In The Arena

In the arena: Dr. Michael M. Crow

A 20-minute interview with ASU President Michael Crow hosted by the McCain Institute in Washington, D.C.

New American University: Toward 2025 and Beyond

A PDF of Arizona State University's official charter and goals as updated in 2019.

Crow at the GES 2017

Driving Innovation in Higher Education

A November 2017 Global Education Summit keynote presentation in Beijing on the need for new higher education models and how ASU is leading a new wave in 21st century learning.

Michael Crow addresses the National Association of Latino Elected Officials

How America's universities are revolutionizing the economy and transforming the Latino workforce

Watch President Crow's remarks to NALEO.

ASU President Michael Crow Global Education Summit China 2017

ASU in China Q-and-A

A short Q-and-A explaining the significance of ASU's engagement with China

International Student

Why We Need More International Students

An article examining the contributions and impact of international students in America.

Michael Crow in Australia

Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University, Is Revolutionising Higher Education

An interview about President Crow and ASU's evolution as a university of the future

Crow speaking

The Next Wave: Lessons Learned from Designing the New American University

An address to the PLuS Alliance symposium on "Innovation and Technology in 21st century Healthcare and Higher Education" in London, England.

Globe in hands

We Can Solve Our Global Challenges, Together

An article about the importance of global collaboration across disciplines in helping to develop solutions to society's challenges.

PLuS Alliance

PLuS Alliance: Universities Tackle Global Issues

A look at the PLuS Allance, a partnership between ASU, King's College London and the University of New South Wales.