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Ideas and issues

Under President Crow's leadership, ASU pursues a broadly-scoped and ambitious trajectory to create meaningful change in the lives of its students and the communities it serves


ASU demonstrates that comprehensive excellence and broad access can coexist and thrive in one institution.


ASU is dedicated to providing all learners with accessible and valuable pathways to knowledge, and preparing universal learners capable of lifelong adaptation.

Student success

ASU is advancing a student-centric, adaptive design that is nimble and responsive to the needs of learners and the imaginations of faculty and leadership.

University design

ASU embraces a design mindset focused on relevance, perpetual innovation, outcomes, and creative collaboration that promotes effective solutions.

ASU Sustainability


Sustainability is a guiding principle at ASU, which drives the development of education, discovery and practices that empower individuals to create a sustainable world.

Social embeddedness

ASU listens and advances solutions by fostering meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations across the community who share our vision.

Global engagement

Global engagement is a core design aspiration that inspires ASU's innovative international alliances and expands the scope of our education and discovery programs. 

Science policy

ASU is committed to the pursuit of use-inspired, world-class research capable of having meaningful social impact.

Inclusive Excellence

ASU is committed to inclusion -- ethnic, intellectual, socioeconomic and cultural -- and advancing knowledge that reflects the deepest possible grasp of broad perspectives.