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University Design

An adult man in business attire sits in front of a wall of books.

If your job is to just run something at a city, look for a new job

A podcast interview on how developing a culture of innovation is critical to the future of smart cities and service.

An illustrated traditional brick building labeled "university" surrounded by trees and under a blue sky.

The way we classify colleges is all wrong

An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education on the need for a new system for categorizing institutions more accurately based on their characteristics. 

A middle-aged man in beige slacks and a blue jackets stands on a stage in front of a PowerPoint slide at the 2019 ASU GSV Summit.

Data-driven university classification

A video, presentation and paper examining the design of partnerships for social impact and transformation.

A middle-aged man stands on a stage in beige slacks and a blue blazer in front of a backdrop that reads "GSV Summit."

ASU+ GSV Summit 2021

A video of the keynote presentation titled, "Transforming higher education to create the future we want."

Transforming higher education to create the future we want

A presentation proposing the radical democratization of higher education.

Michael Crow stands in front of a valley map in the Fulton Center.

The ASU Enterprise difference

A brief overview of ASU's redesign and how it supports student and partner success.

Brave new world: The next wave of higher education

A panel discussion exploring the future of higher education and how the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating change.

Disruptive Innovation Where You Least Expect It

Disruptive innovation where you least expect it

A video discussion with President Crow and Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz on the need for adaptability in complex organizations.

ASU President Michael Crow outside Fulton Center in Tempe, AZ.

Technology helps an educator achieve his social vision

A Financial Times article summarizing President Crow's early commitment to digital learning at ASU.

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