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Social embeddedness

Social embeddedness


A title slide to the ASU Health PowerPoint presentation

ASU Health: Responding to Arizona's health care needs

Video of a presentation to the Arizona Board of Regents during a special meeting to announce the ASU Health initiative.

An adult man in business attire sits in front of a wall of books.

If your job is to just run something at a city, look for a new job

A podcast interview on how developing a culture of innovation is critical to the future of smart cities and service.

Clean Up Effort

During this historic time, remember to value public service

An op-ed on the importance of public service in America.

New American University: Toward 2025 and Beyond

A PDF of Arizona State University's official charter and goals as updated in 2019.

ASU Salute to Service 2017

ASU President Michael Crow thanks military veterans and active duty members for their service, and encourages the ASU community to honor these individuals as part of the university's annual "Salute to Service" celebration.

The Rio Reimagined: Arizona’s leaders support Salt River bed development pushed by McCain

More than 100 of Arizona's most influential leaders from both sides of the aisle gathered to unanimously support one of the most ambitious ideas in recent Arizona history.

Future Tense editorial director Andrés Martinez, Arizona State University President Michael Crow, and Waymo global head of policy Tekedra Mawakana.

How will self-driving cars reshape our cities?

President Michael Crow, Future Tense editorial director Andrés Martinez and Waymo global head of policy Tekedra Mawakana discuss the future of our cities.

ASU President Crow Discusses How Arizona Can Be More Competitive

Steve Goldstein of KJZZ speaks with President Crow about how to make Arizona more competitive.

Matt Lauer, Tom Brokaw and Michael Crow

How Millennials Can Truly Serve America

An interview with former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw and President Michael Crow about the ASU Public Service Academy. 

Michael Crow at 9/11 memorial

The Importance of Our 9/11 Response

A recounting of what it was like to be in New York City during the September 11 terror attacks.

Michael Crow backstage

ASU: Community Changemaker

A presentation outlining ASU's commitment to social embeddedness and how it demonstrates community engagement.

Future of Arizona Higher Education

President Michael Crow talks about the future of higher education in Arizona and the impact of his first decade