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Knowledge economy

Knowledge economy


Side-by-side head shots of two science and technology policy leaders and authors smiling and dressed in dark clothing.

Enhancing trust in science and democracy in an age of misinformation

An op-ed in Issues in Science and Technology co-authored with Marcia McNutt, president of the National Academy of Sciences.

An illustrated gold wave design sits against a backdrop of stars in a dark sky.

Finding Collective Advantage in Shared Knowledge

An Issues in Science and Technology podcast interview on the historical impact of U.S. investment in science.

An illustration of the Arizona Capitol dome and weather vein.

Morning Scoop: A Conversation with Arizona's Presidents

A panel conversation with the three presidents of Arizona's public universities hosted by the Arizona Capitol Times.

A person wearing protective eye wear and gloves tests semiconductors in a lab.

Arizona is ready to become the Silicon Desert

A podcast examining with the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act could mean for the future of Arizona.

Four green microchips laying on a black surface.

America once dominated the semiconductor industry. Here's why we must win again.

An op-ed exploring how the US lost its preeminence in semiconductor manufacturing and what actions can be taken to regain it.

Rendering of the Arizona capitol dome

Morning Scoop: New Economy Initiative

An interview on the New Economy Initiative.

A large group of people march on a street holding handmade signs in support of the Dream Act and students.

Common sense immigration reform is popular and will drive economic security. Congress must act quickly.

An op-ed calling for Congressional action to enact meaningful immigration reform.

An artist's close-up rendering of a microchip in green, black, orange and yellow

The next 75 years of U.S. science and innovation policy

An article examining how the future of scientific research needs to be restructured to meet the increasingly complex needs and challenges facing society.

Four green computer microchip panels lie side-by-side on one edge against a black backdrop in a computer.

Semiconductor investment is a win for Arizona, but also not a reason to relax

President Crow shares his opinion about the vital impact of federal investment in microchip research, development and fabrication, and introduces ASU's new School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks, along with the caveat that Arizona cannot lose its momentum if it wants to remain globally competitive.

Michael Crow and Eric Schmidt speak side-by-side on-screen via Zoom

The need for a new international technological alliance

A conversation with Eric Schmidt about the opportunities and risks facing the US without a coordinated, strategic plan related to artificial intelligence.

Disruptive Innovation Where You Least Expect It

Disruptive innovation where you least expect it

A video discussion with President Crow and Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz on the need for adaptability in complex organizations.

Issues in Science and Technology written in white letters on a navy blue background

Science institutions for a complex, fast-paced world

An article about why the time has come to move beyond the post- World War II model of organizing science.