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ASU Charter

University leaders Michael Crow and Fred DuVal condemn actions of Turning Point USA

An article describing the ASU and Arizona Board of Regents' response to a campus incident involving a faculty member and Turning Point USA.

A photo of a bar chart showing ASU's progress in enhancing the diversity of its student population with handwritten notes from the university president.

ASU serves diverse student populations

A photograph of a presentation slide highlighting ASU's progress toward greater student diversity.

ASU Strategic Enterprise Plan 2020

ASU Strategic Enterprise Plan 2020

ASU's annual operational and financial review as presented to the Arizona Board of Regents.

Graduate Shadow

It's time to end the obsession with college exclusivity

An op-ed calling for an end to the fixation with elite admissions in American higher education.

New American University: Toward 2025 and Beyond

A PDF of Arizona State University's official charter and goals as updated in 2019.

Legislative Advocacy Breakfast

Arizona State University: Legislative Advocacy Breakfast

President Michael Crow's presentation of ASU's progress, examples of achievement, and 2019 legislative priorities.

Michael Crow L'Attitude

The Future of Education: Maximizing Latino Educational Attainment to Reach the Full Potential of National Economic Competitiveness

A presentation on the critical need to improve Latino college attainment.

LACMA and Arizona State join forces to help curators of color

In the museum world, there is an increasing sense of emergency about how few curators of color are coming up through the ranks. ASU and LACMA are trying to do something about it.

Why Bill and Melinda Gates put 20,000 students through college

CBS’ 60 Minutes featured President Crow where he talked about the formation of the University Innovation Alliance in partnership with the Gates Foundation.

ASU President Michael Crow ABOR OFR 2018

ASU Strategic Enterprise Plan 2018: Part 2

The conclusion of ASU's annual operational and fiscal review to the Arizona Board of Regents.

Michael Crow in Australia

Intelligence Comes In Many Types, Not Levels

An article summarizing President Crow's remarks access and personalized learning at the PLuS Alliance Summit in Australia.

Female engineering student

Why We Need More Women Engineers

An article on why higher education must do a better job of producing more engineers and how ASU has changed to help historically underserved students achieve their goals.