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Updates from the President

Updates from President Crow: February 11, 2015

  • Exchanging Ideas with Purdue President Mitch Daniels
  • Is College Worth It?
  • University Efficiency
  • First Full-Time Title IX Coordinator

President Crow

Exchanging Ideas with Purdue President Mitch Daniels

On January 15, President Crow was joined by former Indiana Governor and current Purdue University President Mitch Daniels in Washington, D.C. to discuss bridging the growing gap in college access and excellence. The event, hosted by ASU and Opportunity America, examined pathways for improving college completion rates, highlighted successful strategies and explored the role of technology in this effort. Video of the full event, including President Crow conversation with Mitch Daniels is available here.

President Crow on a stage

Is College Worth It?

On January 21, President Crow hosted a record audience for a conversation on the value of college to the individual and to society. Reaffirming the fact that educational attainment is key to social mobility, President Crow presented data outlining the personal, economic and social benefits of college completion, related that information to Arizona’s current status and presented examples of ASU’s efforts to improve higher education access and college success. Video of President Crow’s full talk and his presentation slides are available here.


University Efficiency

In recent remarks regarding university efficiency, President Crow highlighted that, in contrast to its peer universities, ASU maintains a modest 12:1 ratio of university personnel to students. This progress was achieved through a series of strategic restructurings and the careful implementation of streamlined operational processes and technologies that simplify and improve the overall student experience. With the peer average being 25:1, ASU has one of the lowest administrative headcounts by comparison.

Jodi Preudhomme

First Full-Time Title IX Coordinator

President Crow recently announced the appointment of ASU’s first full-time Title IX Coordinator and Special Counsel, Jodi Preudhomme. Ms. Preudhomme will oversee and provide leadership in ASU’s activities related to Title IX, the federal regulations governing issues of sex and gender discrimination on college campuses, including allegations of sexual assault. This appointment stems from recommendations by ASU’s Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force and is the latest action in an ongoing effort by the university to prevent sexual violence.