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Fall 2016 Faculty and Staff Welcome Video Transcripts

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 5:30pm

Crow Video


Hi, Michael Crow here.

Since I don’t have a chance to meet with all of you at one time, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome faculty and staff members back, as well as new faculty and staff, to the ASU community.

Summer is a fantastic time to re-energize and move forward. We’re very excited that everyone is back and that we’re here to implement our mission of student success.

One of the things that’s really exciting is that I think everyone is aware of is that this is an institution where, with each step of our forward progress, we realize what we can achieve.

We are now the #1 ranked university in the United States for innovation. That means that we are building a process of continuous innovation.

In the last few weeks, we announced the Enterprise Partners, which is a new organizational model to help ASU take advantage of opportunities to develop our Arizona technology transfer enterprise and new avenues for university re-investment. We are launching a new financial management system, which will greatly improve our ability to engage in the management of the institution, in all of its complexity.

Just this week we opened a fantastic facility in downtown Phoenix, the Beus Center for Law and Society. This center is built around the idea that we really need have rule of law engaged at the public level and in that center now, is the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, the ASU alumni law group – which is working a number of legal aid offices, and research centers and institutes.

We’re continuing along the way to build our new alliances on an ongoing basis. We were just recognized by a number of companies as strategic partners. For instance, the Ford Motor Company just identified ASU as one of a handful of universities that they consider a strategic partner for the future of their corporation.

I think it is important for us to think about as staff and faculty is how are we’re going to continue to innovate. The way to focus on this process of continuous innovation is to really concentrate on how each of us, in whatever our area happens to be, can work with others to help our students be more successful…to help the institution’s ideas to be more attractive to investors…how can we bring these things together in ways that the process of innovation just becomes the way we do things.

In particular, is the notion of making innovation a core part of our culture. A place where you raise your hand with an idea and we try to be responsive. You raise your hand in need of help and we find some way to bring that together. You raise your hand because you need help in taking your teaching/learning/discovery experience online and people are there to help. These are the things we can focus on in a significant way.

Our purpose, as you know, is to dedicate all of our energy, innovation and talent to the success of our students.

All of us are here for them to be successful.

All of us are here to help them become master learners.

None of that is diminishing. None of that is going away.

What I’m hopeful of, as you gather with colleagues and we move in new ways, that you have the ability to bring your great ideas forward and advance them.

I hope none of you will hesitate to share your ideas with me – – and let’s find a way to work together to make things happen.

Now, we’re off to a fantastic start. We have 12,000 freshmen…thousands of transfer students and graduate students…fantastic enrollment online…and thousands of students taking a new math class to help them master the subject.

All of these things are the produce of how we work together.

I’m most proud of the way our team is able to collaborate and the way that each of you is able to contribute.

Let me know how I can be helpful and let’s have a great year.

Go Sun Devils!


Our Future...

President Michael Crow:

Our future is that we intend to be able to move and innovate at light speed, to lead the world in new ideas and new solutions, to explore whole new ways of thinking. The world we're in right now requires a level of adaptive change that requires educational attainment.


Maya - ASU student:

I knew ASU was the right place for me because I was immediately challenged to think bigger and to think broader, and to produce the best possible work I could.


President Michael Crow:

We are in one of the most innovative places, where innovation is unencumbered. Nobody gets in the way of other people's ideas here. 


Kristen - ASU student:

Currently in my entrepreneurship class, we were tasked with creating a product that was going to change journalism. Totally off of nothing, you had to think of your idea yourself. To be pushed by my professor to come up with an idea that nobody has done before was really cool.


Nicholas - ASU student:

ASU has helped me. Just given me the opportunity to do things that not everyone gets the chance to do like undergrad research. 


Raji - ASU student:

You have this large school with all these resources and each student really feels the effect of that.


President Michael Crow:

The innovative process is never one guy. Innovation is a collective process. It's an engagement process. It involves hundreds of people around a single thing, thousands of people around a big thing, hundreds of thousands of people around big ideas.


Ailan - ASU student:

When I graduate, I want to do great things in the world. I want to be a contributor in society and make an impact.


President Michael Crow:

You're going to go out and fix it, solve it, drive it forward. There's nothing, nothing that holds you back from being able to do that because the world is not a predetermined set of outcomes. The world is a set of outcomes that you will be determining, and that's what we do is help you to be able to be the determiner of those outcomes.