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Fall 2016 Student Welcome Video Transcripts

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 5:00pm

Crow Video Message

Hi, Michael Crow here, president of ASU.

I’ve had a chance to meet a number of new students the last few days. I talked to a young woman this morning when she was taking pictures over by the Union who came from out of state to be a clarinet major. It was fantastic to get a chance to learn about where she is headed with her life.

I met a number of new law students from Stanford and other universities who are taking part in our law school.

 It thrills me to have an opportunity to meet all of this unbelievable, fresh talent that is coming in to ASU. The inspirations in my life are the new students who come in and the students we have at ASU. It is beyond belief to see the potential that we have as a society. To see the potential that is demonstrated by each of you as students.

With all sincerity, the single message I want to get to you right now is, “How can we be helpful to you?” How can we help you to realize your path to becoming a master learner? How can we help you to realize your path to attain your dreams, because that is why we’re here. 

That might sound a little bit corny. Maybe it is corny. But what I’m looking for is your willingness to say “This is what I need, please help me.”

Ask for help from faculty, staff, counseling, librarians, support staff.

Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.

Don’t get frustrated. Ask for help.

If all other things fail, write to me. Let me know at and I’ll guarantee that we’ll respond and do everything we can to be helpful. We’ll find a way to get things fixed and to keep you on track.

It’s really important to understand that you are in a very rare institution. You’re at a very, in a sense, privileged point in your life where you are attached to an institution with the sole purpose of teaching, learning and discovery. Its sole purpose is to find a way to help you learn and adjust to anything.

Take full advantage of that. Don’t limit yourself to one track, one path, one understanding.

Find a way to engage in student activities. Engage in one major and a minor…or two majors and a language…or a major, two minors and a language.

Move yourself to the mindset that your life is about growth. Your life is about creating opportunity. Your life is about making things happen and then let us help you do that.

I also hope that all of you will have an opportunity to engage with Sun Devil Athletics. We’ve had more than twenty-five current students and former graduates down in Rio the last couple of weeks at the Olympics. It’s fantastic to see our women and men competing and you can see these fellow students in ASU Athletics. It’s a really exciting chance for you to engage with world-class competitors. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to do that.

Please, find a way to take advantage of everything that we have to offer. Find a way to engage the institution with the robustness of all that we have. We have thousands of faculty members…hundreds of programs…millions of volumes of books in the library…unbelievable technology access…unbelievable opportunities to connect and study abroad, and so forth.

If you have resource problems, let us know. If your family status changes, let us know. If you have other kinds of issues that are keeping you from moving ahead, let us know.

Thanks for being here.

I’m excited that you’ve come back to ASU or that you’ve chosen ASU, and I’m really looking forward to being part of the team that is helping you to find a way to move your life forward.



Our Future... 


President Michael Crow:

Our future is that we intend to be able to move and innovate at light speed, to lead the world in new ideas and new solutions, to explore whole new ways of thinking. The world we're in right now requires a level of adaptive change that requires educational attainment.


Maya - ASU student:

I knew ASU was the right place for me because I was immediately challenged to think bigger and to think broader, and to produce the best possible work I could.


President Michael Crow:

We are in one of the most innovative places, where innovation is unencumbered. Nobody gets in the way of other people's ideas here. 


Kristen - ASU student:

Currently in my entrepreneurship class, we were tasked with creating a product that was going to change journalism. Totally off of nothing, you had to think of your idea yourself. To be pushed by my professor to come up with an idea that nobody has done before was really cool.


Nicholas - ASU student:

ASU has helped me. Just given me the opportunity to do things that not everyone gets the chance to do like undergrad research. 


Raji - ASU student:

You have this large school with all these resources and each student really feels the effect of that.


President Michael Crow:

The innovative process is never one guy. Innovation is a collective process. It's an engagement process. It involves hundreds of people around a single thing, thousands of people around a big thing, hundreds of thousands of people around big ideas.


Ailan - ASU student:

When I graduate, I want to do great things in the world. I want to be a contributor in society and make an impact.


President Michael Crow:

You're going to go out and fix it, solve it, drive it forward. There's nothing, nothing that holds you back from being able to do that because the world is not a predetermined set of outcomes. The world is a set of outcomes that you will be determining, and that's what we do is help you to be able to be the determiner of those outcomes.